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Do you struggle with time management? How about staying focused and motivated?

Today, I want to go over a technique I use that has helped me be extremely productive and avoid burnout for many years. Time management and productivity is a struggle my readers often express to me.

Channeling focus.

I struggled with this a lot early on in my career. When I was at work I would be thinking about things that were going on at home. When I got home I was thinking about the things I didn’t get to do a work. It really sucks the life out of you to have your mind flip flopping between all your roles and responsibilities.

It wasn’t until Jim and I decided to hire a business psychotherapist that I got clarity. The main takeaway I got from this psychotherapist: Channeling. Channeling is very simple, yet it takes quite a bit of practice to actually train your brain to be able to utilize this technique properly.

How Channeling Focus Can Have Huge Results

Channeling is focusing all of your effort and concentration on a particular task or goal.

The only catch to channeling focus is you have to set your channels and stick to them. For instance, Jim and I actually gave a number to our channels as if they were TV channels. For us, Channel 37 was our “work channel” and Channel 99 was our “home channel”.

Don’t ask how we came up with those numbers :).

When we are at work, it is channel 37. We focus on work and being productive. Now, everyone will struggle with being productive for hours on end. What I do is try to put the most important things at the beginning of my day. You know, the things that will require the most concentration and will power. Because as the day goes on, your motivation will decrease and so will your will power.

When we get home, it is channel 99. We focus on the family. We focus on what we need to to best serve our family and be present in that role. Even if you are in attendance at home that doesn’t mean you are actually there; if your mind is drifting off thinking about work and other things about the day. You need to shut all that off and focus on being at home. It’s great for your family and great for your sanity.

I guarantee if you start to channel your efforts, channeling focus, your work life AND your home life will get better. It will help you be more productive and avoid burnout.

Now, this isn’t as easy as it sounds. It take a lot of energy and focus. Training your brain is just like training a muscle. It won’t come easy, at first, but if you can stick with it for a week or two you will start to see amazing results in your daily productivity and overall time management.

Now, over to you! Do you have any cool time management or productivity tips? Add them to the comments.

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