real estate investing

Real estate investing is marathon, not sprint. 

Jim and I have recently been looking back on all of our years of real estate investing and really analyzing our approach and the approach of others.

We are going over the lessons learned, strategies, common pitfalls and more. We have even been reaching out to our real estate investing students to see what questions they have and what their biggest fears and hurdles are.

It’s been fun.

The reason being is that we are working hard to build our one-of-a-kind online real estate investing course. Our goals is to provide seasoned, and would-be real estate investors, with the most valuable and actionable real estate investing advice ever.

You can learn more about that course here.

But today, I want to talk about what all the reminiscing has led me to.

The Most Important Real Estate Investing Lesson

real estate investing

As we build this course I can’t help but look at our most important lesson learned.

Jim and I bought our first rental property in 1991…and it was a flop. However, the lessons learned from that first “flop” have made us successful in our efforts today. Fast forward to now and we have over 100 single-family homes, 5 commercial buildings, 2 multi-family structures and 11 vacation rental properties.

So our very first try, out of the gates, failed…

What if that stopped us? What if we became fearful? What if we didn’t try again?

Where would we be?

When talking about real estate investing I go on all day about finding the right properties, analyzing them, purchasing, etc.

But that isn’t where everyone should start.

You should start knowing failure is ok.

The real failure is not trying, or not getting back up after you’ve been knocked down. The reality is, Jim and I have learned more from our failures than we have our successes. You won’t hit a home run every bat, but as long as you continue to try – you’re winning. Keep learning, and you could just end up with a truly perfect life.

Keep that in mind in your journey and just keep moving forward!

That’s it for today.


P.S. – Have you ben keeping up with my podcast? I’ve published 5 more episodes since my last blog post. Check out the podcast here.

And I am taking your questions!

Ask your questions HERE.

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