2015 is here!

We are almost a week in to this year and perhaps you are still motivated from the flip of the calendar, or maybe some of you are starting to lose a little bit of steam.

Either way, you have to know THIS IS YOUR MOMENT!

It’s time to leverage yourself to a better future.

Leverage is a major topic I want to cover, in detail, on this site in 2015. This will be your step one. Something you need to accomplish today to keep moving in the right direction this year.

I don’t consider leverage to be a buzz word; it’s a principle I live by.

It took me a long time to learn and master leverage, and to fully understand the power it truly possesses. See, leverage is an incredibly easy topic to understand, but hard to master.

How to Leverage 2015

Let’s look at the definition of leverage:

Leverage: to use (something) to maximum advantage

So start asking yourself a couple of questions with this simple definition:

  • What can I use to take maximum advantage of my time?
  • What can I use to gain the maximum advantage of my money?
  • What can I use to take maximum advantage of my current resources?

I like to talk about leverage in three ways…

  1. Systems
  2. Tools
  3. People

So now let’s apply those three things to the above questions:

  • Who (people) can I hire to leverage my time in order to be more productive and to achieve more?
  • What (system) course/budget/automatic system can I implement to take advantage of my current disposable income and harness it to a passive income stream?
  • What (tool) can I utilize to gain more focus in dollar-productive tasks only?

I’m trying to leave these general, so maybe you can apply them to your current situation in 2015. But let’s get more specific. Where should YOU start?

Start with people and relationships…

People will be the biggest one you need to conquer first. See, if I never hired my first assistant years ago I would have never leveraged my time to build my business. If I had not leveraged my relationship with my family, I would have never been able to turn my business over to someone else (7th level). If I had never leveraged my relationship with a builder (years ago), I would have never been able to purchase my first rental property. And I won’t even get into leveraging my money to go from one property to over 100 (not today, at least).

Leverage has a very powerful snowball effect. You can gain a lot of momentum in 2015 if you start leveraging something today!

Quick tip: Now, when you leverage a relationship, or people, it isn’t about using them up, burning bridges or sucking them dry. It is setting up a win-win situation for you and them. How can they benefit JUST AS MUCH as you from this leverage relationship. If you can leverage your relationship this way, you will win.

Now, what can you leverage in 2015? What is the one step you can take today to start this leverage?


photo credit: giulia.forsythe

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