I'm Linda McKissack and I work with successful real estate agents and entrepreneurs to help them understand, plan, and create 6 and 7 figure passive income streams while building great businesses.

It’s all about creating a legacy for your family while
having freedom and margin for what matters most.

My Story

I was among the first real estate agents to turn their business over to someone else to run, generating passive income for myself and my family. But my story and my passion for financial freedom, begins many years earlier...

In the 1980s, my husband Jim owned and operated a few night clubs. Then Texas experienced an economic crash, and we were forced to sell our businesses and pay our notes.

We woke up one morning to find ourselves owing the bank $600,000 without a way to pay any of it.


Podcasts, Courses, & More...


Teaching entrepreneurs and real estate agents how to change their mindset around money and building wealth through leverage.


Books and online courses on becoming a top listing agent in your market from someone who listed and sold over 100 houses year after year.


Hosted by me and Dana Gentry, we discuss personal growth, leadership, and being a real estate entrepreneur from the agent to the owner level!


As the #1 Profit Share earner at KW, I have helped over 1,000 agents and associates take advantage of the amazing gift that is Keller Williams Profit share!


Gary Keller

Founder, Keller Williams Realty International

"For anyone interested in learning what it takes to achieve success in the real estate business, Jim and Linda McKissack provide an excellent example to follow. They know how to develop a winning game plan!"

Tim Heyl

Mega Agent, $100 Million Producer

"Linda will open your eyes to the possibilities and importance of passive income and wealth building. If you want to think bigger, live bigger, and create the best future for yourself, then you need to follow her!"

Katrina Loken

Mega Agent, #3 Team Worldwide by Units

"I thought it would take a long time to build up the money we need to start investing. Working with Linda, I've seen how simple it is and that we were already doing many of the activities necessary to achieve our goals!"

Stu McLaren


"Nobody wants to work more than they have to. We all want more freedom, and that comes from incorporating leverage into everything we do. That's why having Linda McKissack in your corner is such an advantage!"

Branson Vacation Retreats

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